Have you noticed how your mood affects your body?

Are you in a “fly or fight “ or in a relaxed state of mind? Our natural human emotions are expressed through our physiological posture as

93% of communication is nonverbal. Our minds have different ways of relating to the world, which is called “Being mode and Doing mode”.

Changing your perspective can transform your experience of life. Mindfulness meditation helps you to recognise which mode your mind is operating in “Doing mode or Being mode”.

“Doing mode” needs to think, analyse, plan, judge and compares the “real” word with the world as we would like it to be in our thoughts and dreams. It is not good though easier to become locked into a cycle of suffering and distress. Negative feelings persist when the mind’s problem solving is in doing mode.

“Being mode” is a different way of viewing reality, it helps you to step outside of your mind’s natural tendency to over think, over analyse and over judge. So you can handle life's difficulties very differently.

“Being mode” frees you. In mindfulness, we start to see the world as it is, not as we expect it to be. To be mindful means to be back in touch with your senses. Mindfulness teaches us that thoughts are just thoughts, they are valuable but they aren’t “you”

Mindfulness meditation will teach your how to use breathing techniques and your mind to be free from emotional and physical pain. Attend any yoga class to get an experience of mindfulness.

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