"The biggest benefit of my practice is my energy level sustained through the day and I don't feel tired." Elena Amani
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Our focus

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Elena Amani is certified posture expert, registered yoga teacher level2 and yoga therapy instructor. Since 2006, she has studied Hatha yoga in Australia and abroad and holds a number of certificates:

2012 "Yoga and Meditation teacher training"

2014 Reflexology course with   Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.

2014 "Applied Anatomy & Physiology of posture" 

2014  "Yoga for kids" certificate

2017  "Yoga therapy" certificate

2017  "Advance yoga", teacher Simon Olivie-Borg.

2018 "Posture Expert" certificate

2018  Attended Knoff yoga workshop

2018  "Pain solutions" course.

2018 "Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation" training course

2019 "The vital Psoas muscle"  certificate

2019 "The vital Glutes" course

2019 "Isometric strength" 6-day course

2019 "Yoga and meditation for brain injury" certificate

2019 "Thai yoga massage practitioner" certificate

In Europe she was introduced to isokinetic exercises which can be performed with a large and very expensive computer-backed machines such as SYBEX. Elena learnt to use isokinetic muscles activation and resistance in yoga which dramatically improved her health. 


I was born in Russia, also I lived in Belgium and Croatia. In 2010, I moved to Canberra.

Since 2012 I have been working as a busy yoga instructor, researcher, student and teacher. I have been privileged to meet and help many people.

I have been blessed with many gifts, a great family, great friends and a wonderful job. I have met amazing people and been a part of their healing journey. I continue to study and try new things. My focus is on self development.


"I experienced  muscles weakness, pain, poor digestion and mood swings which were the results of thyroid gland dysfunction. I injured my neck when I was 28y.o and suffered from headaches for 2 years. The treatment couldn't help. Hypoxia was the results of poor blood circulation to my brain. 

The lower back pain and bursitis  were the results of poor posture (uneven hips and twisted pelvis.)"

I searched far and wide for answers to become physically and mentally stronger and healthier again. I was so motivated, I changed my lifestyle overnight  and when I started practicing daily yoga, my health began improve.  

'I do posture assessment, posture rehabilitation and posture habit re-education.  I analyse each participant requirement and develop exercises to suit every individual. I focus on chronic pain solutions and state of mind by using the breathing techniques and meditation. I help people to reduce fear and improve self confidence. I freed myself from the chronic pain I had been experiencing for years. Since then, I has been determined to help people.'