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​       " I freed myself from the chronic pain I had been experiencing for years. Since then, I has been determined to        help people." Elena Amani Certified Posture Expert, Micro-movement specialist and Yoga Therapy Instructor.

      Our focus:

  • Posture correction is a main key to release pain. Simply stretching and strengthening muscles isn't the best way to transform the body.

  • Neuromuscular activation.  Develop the mind muscles connection. Nerves mobilisation can affect quite profoundly function of the joints and muscles around the joints.​

  • Explore micro-movements to release tension.

  • Learn gentle isometric co-activation (bandhas) around a joint. Some conscious muscle activation in the body during asanas and vinyasa can stabilise joints, increase body heat and flexibility, generate energy, promote circulation and engage the mind. 

 "I have been doing Elena’s yoga classes for a few weeks to help with chronic pain in my lower back and shoulder. After going through two pain clinic with not much results, I found her classes very positive because now I can move." Iman Shirinia

"I have been attending Elena´s classes for almost a year, I had bad back pain and I feel much better now. She is an excellent pofessional teacher and a beautiful person." Maite Oteyza


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